The Constructive Building Information Modelling (BIM) Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements and collaboration of the people and teams delivering innovative and world class projects using BIM during the design and construction stages. The awards aim to celebrate the outstanding work the building and construction industry is delivering with BIM by:

Highlighting the ability and potential of BIM to provide effective and innovative solutions to project challenges.
Recognising project teams for their superior examples of BIM in enhancing collaboration and productivity.
Championing examples of project teams adopting a more collaborative design and construction process by utilising BIM to meet project objectives. 

There are three categories:

Projects under NZD $25 million
Projects between NZD $25-$50 million
Projects above NZD $50 million

The Judging Panel will assess entries on how they have innovated with the use of digital construction methods and design processes, project challenges (triple constraint of time, cost, and quality), and overall outcomes achieved. 

The awards will take place in the afternoon plenary session of Constructive 2019 on Thursday 12 September.

New Zealand commercial building projects completed or in construction after 1 September 2017 are eligible for entry. Each entry must seek permission from the project owners/clients. A project can only be entered once.
A Judging Panel, established and run by Registered Master Builders Association, will assess all entries. 

The Judging Panel is not looking for the perfect BIM process from end to end. The awards are about championing team collaboration, overcoming challenges and coming out with learnings that will benefit people, teams and the wider industry. The Judging Panel will assess entries against the following criteria:

How BIM enhanced team collaboration throughout the project lifecycle between project members. 
The BIM objectives identified for the project and whether the project delivered these. 
Project challenges and learnings to take to the next project (continuous improvement cycle). 
Whether the project come in within scope, time and budget and the role of BIM in achieving this. 
The role BIM played in the relationship between the client and the contractor (was it beneficial, if so, how was it)? 
Project complexity, in terms of building typology, size and team collaboration aspects.
The outputs and outcomes on the benefit of using BIM (use of emerging or integrated technology and innovative processes).
The BIM Innovation Awards are judged on your submission. Your submission is made up of your answers to questions to support your entry. Computer generated imagery, photos and video is an important part in showcasing your project and must be submitted with your submission. You can utilise Dropbox or another secure and accessible file sharing platform. 

Click here to download the entry form

Entries for the awards must be submitted using the entry form provided. Entry form and images must be received by 23 August 2019. Completed entries are to be emailed to 

Please Note

Each project needs only one entry form. Any team member, who is directly involved in the project, can submit the entry form.
The Judging Panel will not accept an incomplete submission.
RMBA will keep details of all entries confidential and only share them with the Judging Panel. 
The Judging Panel may request additional project information after the deadline. 
Can I submit more than one project?
Yes. You can enter more than one project in a category, but each project can only be submitted once. 

Who must submit the entry form?
The entry form can be submitted by any member of the project team. The form must have the contact details of the construction company, the owner and one project team member (an architect e.g.). 

How will I know my entry form has been received?

You will receive an acknowledgement email once your submission has been received.