New Zealand’s critical infrastructure, of which housing is a key component, is in crisis. The issues are complex, and unfortunately there is no easy answer. Solutions will require a very different approach to policy and planning from Government and the sector. 

The Building and Construction Sector is at the coalface of this issue every day. We play a vital part of the New Zealand economy. In 2019 building and construction was our third biggest sector, directly contributing over $19 billion towards NZ GDP. Over half a million Kiwis owe their livelihoods to the sector.

This year’s Constructive Forum will be held over two days and cover bother residential and commercial construction. Our focus will be on how we can support significant system changes to enable the large-scale shifts in areas such as capacity, affordability and decarbonization, while also addressing some of the short-term issues which are holding us back today. 

The Forum brings together leaders from across the private and public sector to discuss new approaches to ensure we can build the homes, workplaces, and communities our country needs.