Tackling the issues facing commercial and residential construction.

What and how we build is no longer delivering for New Zealand. Our sector is facing complex issues for which there is no easy or single answer.  We are at the forefront of the housing and infrastructure debate and understand that solutions will require a very different approach to policy and planning from Government and the sector.

For the first time, this year’s Constructive Forum will be held over two days and tackle the issues facing both residential and commercial construction. Our focus will be on how we can create significant system changes to enable the large-scale shifts needed in areas such as capacity, affordability and decarbonisation, while also addressing some of the short-term issues which are holding us back now.
Constructive provides an opportunity for the sector to share their views and experiences. Participants will come away with practical insights and examples to improve the way they operate in the current environment.

Constructive 2021 is being held at Shed 6 in Wellington.
Day One: A Continued Focus on Commercial Construction
Shed 6, Wellington
Constructive will open with our State of the Sector Survey. The annual survey provides a stocktake of what is happening across the broader construction landscape – what is working well and what is not. Sector leaders and Government will reflect and discuss the findings, providing insight on what this means for the future of the sector. 

We'll also hear more from the Construction Sector Accord – understanding what has been achieved to date, and more importantly, what's next. Unfair procurement models have been discussed at each Constructive since we began in 2016, and we are now seeing improvements. We look forward to sharing new and positive examples from across Government and the private sector.

The afternoon will be focused on global challenges facing the sector, including climate change.  While there has been a lot of discussion about what the problems are, and what is at stake, Constructive will focus on what the sector actually needs to do and share examples of best practice.
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Day One Constructive Dinner:
Thursday 12th August, 7pm
Shed 6, Wellington
Business/Smart Casual attire

Day Two: Transforming our Approach to Housing
Shed 6, Wellington
On day two we will turn towards housing. We ask how can our sector consistently deliver affordable, quality housing for New Zealand?  Our problems are not unique, similar issues are being felt in many western societies. We ask is there anything we can learn from others, and how can we transform our approach to housing and social housing to improve delivery for all New Zealanders.

We will also celebrate the great initiatives that are already happening. We bring public and private sector leaders together to talk about the new solutions being delivered. A key part of these projects is partnerships between developers, Government, communities, and Iwi. 

Together, as a sector, we are also facing major regulatory reform. We look at what you need to know and what these changes will practically mean for what and how we build. Consenting is the biggest pain point for many. Constructive will address what we can do differently today, and the reforms we need to solve this for tomorrow.
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