Building Sector Resilience

Constructive has gone virtual for 2020. The Constructive virtual event series starts 27 August and runs through to 17th September.  Every week we will bring direct to you, an informative, engaging, and thought-provoking virtual session with a range of industry leaders, influencers, and decision makers from across the vertical and residential construction sectors. Sessions will encourage audience participation and interaction.

There is no charge to take part in Constructive 2020, however registrations will be essential. 

Virtual Event Series 1:

Shaping a Resilient Commercial Construction Future
Thursday 27 August
4pm – 5.30pm

For nearly 10 years sustained growth in the commercial construction sector has radically changed the urban footprint of our cities and provided a pipeline of work for businesses. We’ve had the boom and now we are experiencing the bust. 

Join our panel discussions, led by industry leaders, about the impacts and opportunities that COVID-19 is bringing to the sector. We’ll be having the hard conversations about whether the talk about contract and procurement behavioural change, greater project collaboration between parties and improving quality of service delivery over the last year is turning into action. Our panellists will also discuss the current and long-term roles of the Construction Sector Accord as an agent of behavioural change. We’ll also be exploring what the sector should focus on in the short to medium term to weather the disruptions to businesses. Taking a more long-term approach, we’ll explore business innovation opportunities, trends that COVID-19 has created or accelerated, and what commercial property will look like in the long-term.

Virtual Event Series 2:
Opportunities for Reinvention and Transformation: The Political Agenda for the Sector’s Future
Thursday 3 September
4pm – 5.30pm

As our sector knows, the existing building and planning systems often struggle to support the construction of homes in a timely and efficient manner. Years of piecemeal reforms have created unnecessary complexity and a compliance culture that stymies opportunities to address the substantial issues affecting the sector. 

In this joint session from Registered Master Builders and Business New Zealand, we’ll be hosting senior politicians in a pre-election discussion about their visions and policies for the residential sector. We’ll be asking what role they see the sector playing in New Zealand’s economic recovery and the long-term viability of the Construction Sector Accord. It’s an opportunity to hear their approach to addressing complex existing red tape, poor planning processes, inconsistent approaches in the building regulatory system and what policy levers they’ll be using to support jobs and growth. 

Following their presentations, our panel of experts from across the wider building and construction sector will give their thoughts on whether the proposed ideas and policies will be enough to not only drive the New Zealand economic recovery, but help foster a resilient and vibrant sector. 
Virtual Event Series 3:
Building Residential Sector Resilience
Thursday 10 September
4pm – 5.30pm

As COVID-19 and the Global Financial Crisis have shown us, the residential building sector is vulnerable to economic shocks. These shocks leave lasting legacies of business closures, job losses, and skilled workers leaving the sector for good. This reality means that when the economy recovers, the sector is in a state of catch-up, unable to deliver the houses and renovations fast enough to meet demand. 

Join us, as we look beyond COVID-19 and consider some of the most innovative insights of the past year and what trends and developments will influence sector business thinking. Our panel of sector leaders will provide a clear view of the sector’s future and what it needs to do overcome existing challenges to become more resilient. We’ll also have business leaders sharing their learnings from the lockdown and what they’ll be focusing on to ensure their business survival and growth over the short to long-term. 

Virtual Event Series 4:
Managing the Shocks: Ensuring Business Resilience 
Thursday 17 September
4pm – 5.30 pm

What we build, how we build it and where we build it; construction today is almost unrecognisable compared to 50 or 100 years ago. Today, rapid technological advancements, changing skill requirements, a growing focus on sustainability, as well as changing client expectations means a rapidly transforming sector and business environment. 

What do these impacts mean for your business? In our final virtual event for Constructive 2020 we’re looking at what the sector is doing to manage these disruptors. Industry leaders join us who are actively participating in the Constructive Sector Accord. We’ll hear first-hand what the Accord is achieving and what change it can bring over the long-term. 

Our second panel will explore how we build business resilience into the industry and buildings we construct today and tomorrow. They’ll also explore ways the wider sector can come together to approach business resilience, share its successes, and build a construction ecosystem which thrives.


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