A Booming Sector with Booming Change

Our sector is in a building boom, with demand growing across the country. As our industry strives to meet demand, we are facing disruption in the supply chain, and shortages of skilled labour. The issues are complex, and require a range of solutions, as we navigate the current challenges and ensure a sustainable sector for the future. 

As a sector we are also grappling with how New Zealand responds to the significant issues of housing supply, affordability, sustainability, and climate change. Regulatory change and increasing analysis of how our industry operates to meet these challenges means our members are having to adapt. Constructive will discuss the impacts, on what and how we build.

With so much to discuss, this year Constructive is being held over two days to enable robust discussion and the opportunity to share ideas and opportunities. The first day is centred on continuing our discussions on commercial construction, and day two turns to residential building. Constructive provides an opportunity for the sector to share their views and experiences. Participants will come away with practical insights and examples to improve the way they operate in the current environment.

Constructive is different. It is the only construction industry forum that brings the entire construction supply chain together, from Government decision makers through finance, land, design and build, and key enabling sectors such as research, training, and regulation, to find practical solutions based on collaboration.