A chance to come together as a sector to network, collaborate and generate ideas – because together, we build better. 

Diamonds are made under pressure. As we navigate challenging economic conditions, now is the time to advocate for, and implement change. Now more than ever we need to work together to come up with bold and creative solutions to help business and the sector successfully navigate change.

Constructive 2024 will be bigger and more impactful than ever before. We know there is still a lot of work needed to address the country’s housing and infrastructure deficit - affordability remains the perennial issue. Could new models of financing play a part in unlocking infrastructure to allow more affordable housing and how do we strip away some of the red tape holding us back?  And where to next with social housing if delivery of this is moved away from government – what does this mean for our sector?

The resilience of our cities – where, what, and how to build is a major area of focus – we’ll take a deep dive into the growing need for resilient, sustainable urban development.  

We also explore how integrating cutting-edge technology and innovations can improve efficiency, safety, and profitability and push boundaries in residential and commercial construction. Our first ever Innovation Showcase will bring these to life.

Our international keynote speaker and trend forecaster, Michael McQueen, will explore the key technological trends set to shape the coming years for the construction sector with a specific focus on generative AI and its transformational potential for building design and functionality. He will also speak to how evolving consumer and societal expectations around sustainability will redefine the competitive landscape and how to meaningfully engage next-generation customers, apprentices. and employees.

In addition to being able to network with the best and brightest in building and construction, this year’s Constructive will provide access to a range of practical tools, and best practice guides to help you take action, and create positive change in your business. 

It's time to drive the conversation, get practical and build the future. 

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