Restructuring New Zealand - residential building and housing

Friday 13 August


8.30 - 8.50AM


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Conference Welcome and Introduction
Why we are here and what we want to achieve


  • David Kelly - Chief Executive, Registered Master Builders
  • Jehan Casinader - Facilitator
8.50 - 10.20 AM
Restructuring New Zealand’s Approach to Housing 
How can we consistently deliver the housing this country needs? We all agree the current system is not working. This is problem shared by many western societies. Our panel discusses what we can learn from others, and how we can transform our approach to housing and social housing in order to improve delivery for New Zealanders. 

  • Andrew Crisp - Chief Executive, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  • Arthur Grimes - Senior Fellow, Motu
  • Fran Wilde - Chair, Urban Development Institute of New Zealand
  • Mark Todd - Residential Founder, Ockham
  • Oliver Hartwich – Executive Director, The New Zealand Initiative. Click here to view his presentation
10.20 - 10.50AM
Morning Tea Break

10.50 - 12.30PM
New Approaches to Housing 
New housing solutions are being delivered across every region of New Zealand. We hear from public and private sector leaders who are working to reshape our urban landscapes. A key theme is partnerships, they share how they have successfully brought different groups together from across local and central Government, community and iwi groups and the private sector to deliver new solutions.
12.30 - 1.30PM
Lunch Break

1.30 - 2.00PM

Managing Our Current Capacity and Supply Constraints 
Over capacity, supply chain disruption and unprecedented demand are creating issues across the sector. The challenges are shared by architects and builders. This session discusses what you can do to navigate the current environment and manage customer and supplier expectations. 


  • Johnny Calley - Managing Director, Calley Homes
  • Judi Keith-Brown - President, Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute Of Architects
  • Mark Holland - Partner, Hazelton Law
2.00 - 2.30PM

Mental Wellbeing in Challenging Times
Many in the sector are feeling the effects of the current operating environment, with wellbeing and mental health being impacted more than ever. We share practical tips for supporting you and your team.   


2.30 - 3.45PM

A Period of Fundamental Change – Overview of the Regulation and Consenting Changes Impacting the Building Sector 
As a sector, we are currently facing an enormous amount of regulatory changes. We will discuss what you need to know and what it will practically mean for what and how you build – RMA, consenting review, LBP review, insulation building code updates. Consenting is often the biggest pain point across the build process. We discuss what needs to change in the upcoming review, and how to work more effectively in the current system. 


  • Aidan Jury - Sales and Franchise Director, Jennian Homes
  • David Kelly – Chief Executive, Registered Master Builders
  • John Sneyd - General Manager, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Ian McCormick - General Manager Building Consents, Auckland Council
  • Robert Schofield - Partner, Boffa Miskell. Click here to view his presentation.
  • Sunil Surujpal - General Manager Digital & Technology, BRANZ
3.45 - 3.50PM
Summary and Wrap-up of Day Two