Tackling the issues facing commercial and residential construction.

Critical infrastructure, of which housing plays a key part, continues to be one of the most significant issues facing New Zealand. Our sector plays a vital role. Yet for years we have struggled to address the underlaying issues that mean we cannot build the homes, workplaces, and communities the country needs. 

Constructive 2021 once again brings the sector and Government together to enable a sector wide approach to tackling the big issues. This year we are turning to arguably the country’s biggest long-term issue – housing. 

This is not an easy problem to solve. It will require new thinking, new approaches to planning and significant system change – not just tinkering at the edges. Yet every week we read yet another article from a commentator claiming by adjusting one thing they can solve the problem. But it is not just about finance, or land supply or access to skilled labour – these are all important parts of the puzzle – but addressing these individually will not make the difference we need. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer.

While order books are full right now, we know all too well this will not last. We believe continuity of supply is at the heart of the issue. This year’s Constructive will look at how we can address this issue across the broader construction sector. 

Across two days, we will be looking at how we can ensure a strong and consistent pipeline of work across both residential and commercial construction. Our annual state of the sector survey will showcase the issues impacting different areas of the sector across residential and commercial builders, as well as issues facing other sector participants – specialist trades, architects and developers and clients.

Full programme details will be available here soon.

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