Now more than ever, New Zealand needs a high performing construction sector delivering economic, environmental, and social outcomes for its communities and cities. The sector needs certainty and the long term confidence that encourages growth, investment and innovation.  Constructive 2019 presents an opportunity for the sector to come together again to have their say on how to achieve this.

In 2018, Constructive bought the entire sector together with Government, to identify solutions for change. It was timely, as managing risk was seen by industry leaders as the most important issue to transform the sector. 

Following Constructive 2018, Registered Master Builders (RMBA) launched the Lead Contractor Guidelines to help the building and construction sector better manage risk. The guidelines were developed in conjunction with  the Vertical Construction Leader’s Group and have also been shared with sub-contractors.

Work and collaboration has continued beyond the forum, and we are getting some real traction. The work of the Vertical Construction Leader’s Group is continuing with the development of a benchmarking and accreditation scheme. This scheme would mean that construction companies undertaking more complex or high value work must meet a minimum standard before considering pricing. Ultimately this will help incentivise companies to invest in innovation and training and promote collaboration and trust.

The Construction Sector Accord, announced by the Prime Minister in April, demonstrates the importance of our industry to New Zealand. It includes a set of principles that hold the Government and all industry players to account throughout the construction process. 

This year’s Constructive Forum will build on the work started under the Accord and provide the opportunity for all sectors and groups to play their part.

In the lead up to Constructive 2019, prominent sector leaders will be surveyed to provide a pan-sector understanding of the state of the New Zealand industry. We will compare the results from last year to see if things have changed over the past 12 months.

This is your opportunity to help create a vibrant and sustainable construction sector and we look forward to seeing you on 12 September at Constructive 2019.

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