Learning From the Past to Emerge Stronger

11 August 2022

This year’s Constructive is a can’t miss opportunity to hear leading politicians, sector leaders, and participants grapple with the severe challenges facing the building and construction sector.  

It’s never been more important for the sector to come together in Rotorua on August 25/26 to find the solutions that will help us navigate the strong headwinds we face.

This year’s Constructive theme is ‘Insights for Building New Futures: lessons from the past, strategies for the present.’ Constructive will directly address the challenging environment faced by the building and construction sector. It is not too late to make the changes needed to ensure we individually and collectively emerge stronger.

A dramatic fall in business and consumer confidence, fueled by surging inflation, sharply rising interest rates, and cost of living pressures, has placed huge pressures on the sector as the long boom gives way to sharply deteriorating market conditions.   

If we act now, we can avoid the issues we have seen in previous cycles, where we have lost some of the best companies and talent from the sector. What can the government do to help smooth building and construction cycles to avoid a repeat of the post-GFC bust? What can we do?How do we retain our workforce? And how do we look after their wellbeing as we face changing conditions? 

Never has answering these questions been more important. Never has the need to chart a course to navigate prevailing headwinds been more critical, and that is the role of Constructive, providing a platform where we can learn from the past to build resilience in the sector during the tougher times we know are ahead.

This is your last opportunity to be part of the solution and be part of a vital conversation. See the full programme here.