Lessons from Constructive 2022

22 September 2022

It was my pleasure to host the seventh Constructive Forum in Rotorua last month. Bringing the sector together under one roof was timely and necessary, given both the challenges and opportunities up ahead. 

Constructive 2022’s programme was designed to draw on the lessons from the past, particularly the last downturn, and apply these to our current environment. It was heartening to hear from so many industry leaders who were open to sharing their insights and experiences. 

I believe our primary focus should be on the issues that are within our control and the practical changes we can make to work smarter and more inclusively. Whether it’s reducing waste, having a wellbeing plan, taking on another apprentice, or diversifying your workforce, there are simple things we can all do that add up to a lot. We also heard the strong message that managing your business risks, and your relationships with suppliers, subbies, homeowners, and your workforce will provide the strong foundation you’ll need to thrive in tougher market conditions. 

It was pleasing to have proper discussions with both Minister Woods, Christopher Luxon and the Government officials that attended on their views of the key issues we face as a sector. Master Builders will continue to work closely with the Government to advocate on your behalf. The focus of Constructive is to bring the sector and Government together as we all have roles to play to address the issues facing us.

For me personally, a crucial insight of this year’s Constructive was the need to take care of each other. Our workforce is our greatest asset, and we are experiencing some trying times. If we want to retain our staff, we must support them both inside and outside of the workplace. It is on all of us to ensure those joining our sector can have rewarding and satisfactory careers. 

Each year at Constructive we present the results of our State of the Sector survey. This year, we have developed a more extensive report outlining the challenges and opportunities that the sector faces, including comments from sector leaders. It’s an informative read and one I hope you all find a valuable take away from Constructive.

View the report here

I would like to conclude by thanking our sponsors, without them we could not have put on such a strong programme.  And, finally, thank you to all whom attended Constructive. We look forward to continuing to work with you to build a better construction sector for all. 

"CARTERS was proud to partner with Master Builders to support the Constructive Forum again this year. It was great to be part of the conversation around opportunities ahead for the industry, recognise the environmental and Government factors which are impacting residential and commercial projects, plus discuss modular building solutions being more widely considered. With the future workload, we’re committed to supporting those who build New Zealand.”  

-    Mike Guy, CARTERS Chief Executive

"BCITO - Te Pūkenga was pleased to be a part of the Master Builders Constructive Forum this year. It’s imperative that the whole sector works together to deliver the housing and construction that New Zealand needs. From carpentry to flooring, we’re committed to training the future of the construction sector workforce across our 15 trades apprenticeship streams.” 

-    Jason Hungerford, BCITO Director 

Kind regards,

David Kelly