Building a better New Zealand: Industry leaders to come together at Constructive Forum

30th July 2019 

The construction industry is getting together for the first time to respond to this year’s Construction Sector Accord. 

Constructive brings together 300 representatives from across New Zealand’s fourth largest sector   one that sits at the heart of our communities. Prominent leaders from major contractors, commercial and residential builders, property developers, engineering and architectural firms will discuss how they are addressing challenges in the sector. 

The construction industry is often in the headlines for skills shortages, poor risk management and company insolvency. ”The stakeholders and industry representatives at Constructive want to address these headlines by working collaboratively to drive bold and lasting positive change for our industry,” says Registered Master Builders Chief Executive David Kelly. “Change cannot be driven by just one party. We will need concerted effort from all of the key groups in the sector if we want to address the issues we are facing.” 

“We’ve now had several months to get behind the Accord, so it’s an opportunity to share the progress made and look to what is next.” 

The Forum will discuss the state of the sector, collaboration, knowledge and leadership, procurement, and risk, as well as how to modernise the sector.

“How do we build better? How do we train our workforce and ensure we have the right technology to help us create a built environment that works in the future?” says David.

“New Zealand needs a high-performing construction sector that delivers positive economic, environmental and social outcomes for our communities and cities. Constructive provides the opportunity for building and construction leaders to lift performance and shape change,” says David Kelly.

The Constructive Forum is being held on 12 September at Te Papa in Wellington.